nonrestorative sleep

& sometimes this sick can be beautiful
I suck in air wake up all stomach all breath 

                                          can I tell you
how each minute of dead quiet morning
will taste of course I can I have
almost all night awake in my lungs
I am a space I practice expanding
often I make rooms I fill them up
with pain can I fill you 

             up to survive
is to name everything you own 

if it hurts name it

pain flowers in my back

all night all over
a beautiful boy exists    

his breath filling me
    up to name him 

beautiful beautiful boy

by William Gee

This is the final Weekly Poem before a Christmas break. We wish you and your family all the very best for the holidays and look forward to sharing more poems with you from early January!

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‘nonrestorative sleep’ is copyright © William Gee, 2020. It is reprinted from Rheuma, published by Bad Betty Press by permission of the publisher. You can read about the pamphlet on the Bad Betty Press website

William Gee’s breathtaking, disruptive debut is written in the language of the body. A song from somewhere deep within, it sings of what the body remembers, how it rebels. These are dizzying poems, opening up and obscuring, primal and elusive. To read them is to understand the precariousness and the violence of love, of living with secrets, of being in a body that won’t conform. The pamphlet was chosen as the Poetry Book Society’s Pamphlet Choice for Winter 2020.

You can read more about William’s pamphlet and buy a copy on the Bad Betty Press website, and follow William on Twitter.

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