Clouds of Doubt

Mother’s mouth was a story-telling flower,
painted in her favourite bougainvillea
lipstick, conjuring clouds of doubt
about where she was born.

Sometimes she’d say it was Cuernavaca,
‘the city of eternal spring’,
on the slopes of her beloved volcanoes
and the Chichinatzin mountains,

where dad would stop to buy her orchids.
Other times, she’d say we came from Mixtecs.
But she looked down on ‘indios’ and ‘prietos’,
only pointing out her skin colour

to boast how she turned chocolate in the sun.
While she resented my questions,
what else could I do? As a child,
I felt the weight she carried,

how she seemed trapped in her game
of concealing and revealing,
then sighs, quick laughter, silence.
My ancestors lie like budbursts in these tales.

by Marina Sánchez

Notes on the poem: Indios: native Indians from one of the many indigenous tribes in Mexico; Prietos: slang for someone who has dark skin.

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This week’s poem is taken from Marina Sánchez’s new pamphlet Mexica Mix, and you can sign up for the launch of the pamphlet tomorrow, 31 March, when Marina will be reading alongside three other poets who also have new pamphlets out with Verve: Hannah Hodgson, Jamie Hale, and Natalie Whittaker. We have shared poetry by Jamie and Natalie over the past few weeks and we’ll be featuring a poem by Hannah next week. Verve is offering a special bundle of all four of its recent pamphlets at a reduced price, and you can find out more about that offer on the Verve site,

‘Clouds of Doubt’ is copyright © Marina Sánchez, 2021. It is reprinted from Mexica Mix (Verve Poetry Press, 2021) by permission of Verve Poetry Press. You can read more about the pamphlet and order a copy on the Verve website.

Notes from Verve Poetry Press:

In her new pamphlet, Mexica Mix, Marina Sánchez, one of the most distinctive poets from the UK’s Latinx community, explores her experiences of living in Mexico, Spain and the UK. Through the arc of Family, Icons and Earth, she writes a profound, rich and well-crafted sequence of poems grappling with displacement, bilingual identity and mixed heritage, challenging cultural icons and affirming her relationship with the planet, rooted in her Indigenous Mexican ancestry. By turns lyrical, urgent, sensual and subversive, her powerful use of vivid imagery and language both voice the personal and engage the collective. You can learn more about the pamphlet on the Verve website.

Marina Sánchez is a Latinx mix of Indigenous Mexican/Spanish/British living in London. She is an award-winning poet and translator, widely published in literary journals. Her poems have been placed in many national and international competitions and then anthologised. Her debut pamphlet Dragon Child (Acumen, 2014), was Book of the Month in the poetry kit website and was featured in the British Library’s The Hidden Surprises of Poetry Pamphlets Event (2019). Some of her poems are included in Un Nuevo Sol (Flipped Eye, 2019), the first UK Latinx anthology. To find out more about Marina’s work, visit her poetry p f pages.

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