When I Read Diagnostic under CONFIDENTIAL

I think it’s related to esoteric mystical knowledge      
like predicting rain from moisture in moss
or life through the aleph bet of gematria             

should you wear a raincoat in this new
world of extreme weather                but the word
is just a fancy way to say test
say people spent their careers devising methods
to organize minds on a bell curve 

what is the etymology of evaluation
now that’s a better word            all about worth
about value dependent on people’s subjectivity
to get it going           and together        diagnostic
and evaluation are the appraisal and catalog
so what’s your price.

by Sarah Shapiro

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When I Read Diagnostic under CONFIDENTIAL’ is copyright © Sarah Shapiro, 2021. It is reprinted from being called normal (tall-lighthouse, 2021) by permission of tall-lighthouse. You can read more about the pamphlet on the tall-lighthouse website.

Notes from tall-lighthouse:

This engaging sequence is written as a direct response, through poetry, to the clinical experiences of the poet in how the ‘system’ accepts and treats (or doesn’t) children with (dys)abilities. As a poet, Sarah Shapiro has strived to be called normal whilst growing up with ‘reading issues’. The poems are a dialogue between her documented psycho-educational evaluations and her reaction to the analysis and words used. Interspersed between these ‘conversations’ are heartfelt poems that expose the tribulations of people who are carelessly labelled (dys).

Read more about the pamphlet and hear Sarah read two of the poems from it on the tall-lighthouse website

Sarah Shapiro was born in Chicago and now lives and works in Boston. She has an MFA from UMASS Boston, an MA from Royal Holloway University, London and a BA from Mount Holyoke College, Massachusetts. She did not start to read until she was eight, so her success is well earned. Her poetry has been widely published in magazines and on-line and her debut pamphlet The Bullshit Cosmos was published by ignitionpress and you can read more about it on the Poetry Centre website.

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